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More Film Clips
It's been a quiet week but we have added the following clips courtesy of British Pathe

1948   Fish Farming
1951   Loch Faskally gets a stock of trout
1956   Kite Fishing
1957   Bournemouth Angling Festival at Poole
1958   Fish Hatchery
1962   Fishing at Weirwood Reservoir

We hope all the vintage clips added recently further your enjoyment of the archive

Posted: 15/03/2018
New Article and Classic Film Clips
New on the website this week is an article written by Fred Buller MBE on the minor fish species he had tried to catch written in 2014

We have also added several more clips courtesy of British Pathe

These include:-

1914-18     Sea Angling Festival
1924          Lady Anglers
1925          National Sea Angling Competition in Hastings
1926          The Gentle Art
1927          Young Anglers fishing at Worksop
1929          Anglers Fishing at Southend -on-Sea
1934          Do You Fish?
1938          Angling Championships at Congleton
Posted: 02/03/2018
Vanables Artwork Donated
It is with great delight that we say thank you for the donation of an original piece of artwork by Bernard Venables (Mr Crabtree himself). This will be framed and put on display.

We have also added the following films from British Pathe:-

1920            Sea Angling
1958            Shark Fishing
1910-1919   Fishing on Deal Pier
                    Herne Bay Fishing
1948            Hastings Fishing Festival
1970's          Angling
1965            Sea Angling Competition
1969            Angling Contest at Southend on Sea
1962            Brighton 10th Sea Angling Competition

Their items have added a new dimension to the archive for future viewing.
Posted: 25/02/2018
Latest Angling Heritage Update
It's been a busy week for AH. 

Firstly Des Taylor, one of our Trustees featured ud in his cabin, his Facebook show on a Friday night.

Then Angler's Mail have included a piece about the new develoments which you can read on the website in "What the Press Say".

We also have added some more items to the archive. These are:-

Jim Gibbinson and Rod Hutchinson talking to David Hall from the early days of carp fishing which is in the audio archive.

We have also added the following video clips:-
1927 National Fishing Championshoip
1936 Kids Sea Fishing at Worthing
1937 Municipal Sea Fishing
1942 Salmon Fishing on the Tweed
1946 A Man Pier Fishing
1958 Electro Fishing
1964 World Trout Championship

Finally, Ed Whitby our Trustee and Facebook manager has loaded a film clip to promote the work of Angling Heritage
Posted: 08/02/2018
More vintage video clips
We have been grated permission by British Pathe to add the following video clips:-

1955  Fly Fishing
1957  Deep Sea Angling
1962  47th national Angling Championships
1934 Coracle Fishing
1938 Coracle Fishing
1957  Shore Fishing Contest

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do
Posted: 03/02/2018
Vintage Video Footage
British Pathe whom many will know from the clips in the old films, have kindly granted us permission to add their footage to the archive.

To date we have added the following:-

Ray Mumford in 1968
Shark Fishing from Looe in 1966
1920 Match Fishing
1963 Fishing a Match in Canterbury Waters
1952 Electro Fishing
1939 Fishing rod manufacture
1958 A humorous film on a match for the aged

More to follow
Posted: 24/01/2018