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More audio tracks etc
Phill Williams, our intrepid roving reporter has added a few more audio tracks and one video on how the current trend in shore defences has wiped out the capability of shore fisherming. Very topical with other areas being discussed.

We have also received a collection of Carpworld magazines to fill some of the voids in the archive from Andy Crotty.

The archiving of Fred Buller's work on fish in church paintings is nearing the end with over 100 churches being photographed along with items of interest within. A massive exercise.
Posted: 28/01/2017
Walker Letter
Bob Davison discovered our site and sent through a scan of a Richard Walker letter that he had received.  We hope it will encourage other people to send copies of letters of interest as it is purely the content we wish to preserve.  Bob retained the master to keep in his Waker book which may well add to the value as is now a known letter. If you can help, please send a scan or photocopy, or if you would like to discuss it, please call us on 01805 625888.

Posted: 14/01/2017
Fred Buller - Fish and Fishermen
Fred's widow, Margaret, has very kindly donated all Fred's information that went into the making of his book 'Fish and Fishermen' about fish appearing in church paintings and how they vary over time and location. There is quite an array of material which wasn't featured in the book which is currently being scanned and added to the archive for viewing.
There is so much material, that it can't be added in its entirity to the archive as the download time would be too great but a selection of pictures and listing of what is actually held in the archive will be added once the scanning process is complete - which may take a little while.
Posted: 05/01/2017