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Founded in 2009 by Sandra Armishaw, the owner of River Reads’ bookshop in Torrington, Devon, ANGLING HERITAGE (UK) is a not-for-profit charitable Trust.

Our Patron is Chris Yates (following the sad death of our initial Patron Fred Buller MBE, highly respected angling historian and writer). The Trustees are Des Taylor, known by many thousands through his weekly column in Angling Times, Reg Talbot, angler and accountant who holds the post of Administrator and Ed Whitby who runs the Angling Heritage Facebook site. Each gives their time freely to support the work of this charity.

The Trustees of ANGLING HERITAGE (UK) are committed to the preservation of oral and filmed history, together with photographs, letters and associated ephemera.

By keeping this history alive we create a legacy for future generations of fishermen, thus enabling them to understand the lives and times of those who made their sport one of the most participative worldwide.

Angling history records date back centuries, but 21st century technology enables us to preserve the sport and social history better than ever before. It is therefore so important to appreciate their wealth of experience that each person has contributed, because so much is discarded and can never be regained.