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magazine quest

Magazine Quest

As many of you will know, we have one of the largest magazine archives available to view for research.  Regularly, we seek a few to complete runs of earlier issues and wonder if you can help with the following:-

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying                    1995 Jan/Feb issue

Salmon, Trout & Sea Trout              1991 August

Trout and Salmon                           1963 October

Coarse Angler                                1977 Aug (was this printed?)

                                                    1992 March

Coarse Angling Today                     2015 January

Coarse Fisherman                          1988 October, November

                                                    2008 November

                                                    2010 August

Cypri News                                    Nos 1-7

Carpworld                                      2003 September

                                                     2005 Feb, Aug, Nov

                                                     2006 Sep, Oct, Nov

                                                     2010 Aug Nov

                                                     2011 Jan, Mar, Apr, Jul, Oct, Dec

                                                     2013 Jul, Aug, Sep

You will also see on our magazine page  we have loads of others with missing issues and if you can help here too, we would be delighted to fill these bigger gaps too. (We are unable to take the weeklies due to lack of storage space).

Thanks for your continued support

Posted: 14/01/2022
Latest Newsletter
Well another year is coming to an end and once again, with Covid intrusions into the year it seems like another year that wasn't as in 2020.

The lockdown has given Keith, our archivist chance to finish digitizing the SACGB database and we have a copy in our archive as do the club and an agreement is in place that we can add it to the cloud system to peruse provided that we get prior consent from the club, but at least it is saved now from the ravages of time. We are now trying to fill the voids where information and photographs were borrowed over the years and not replaced so if you have any information that would be relevant, please can you send them to us to rebuild the archive.

The Heritage Centre in Looe also has one of our touch screen display installed. It shows  a sequence of SACGB pictures initially but by touching the screen, the full cloud based database can be accessed there.

Similarly, we have done a similar task for the Conger Club aided by Mike Millman digitizing their history

The magazine archive continues to grow with the voids getting smaller all the time. Please look at the magazines page and see if you can find any of the missing copies. We have had people referred to us from the USA by the Library of Congress which highlights what an excellent resource this is for people to use. We have a wealth of items that we have been requested not to put on the cloud system but is in our archive so if you are doing any research, drop us a line as we may be able to help.

We have also received ephemera ranging from Videos, DVD's letters etc throughout the year which can be viewed on the webpage through the donations box.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the Trust and hope the level of support will continue into the future.

The disappointment so far is that Recollections won't be finished by Xmas as the book was initially printed on the incorrect paper and had to be returned to the printers to be reworked. This will now be done by Xmas and will be bound in the new year.

Finally, may we take the opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy and Covid free new year and once again, thanks for supporting Angling Heritage
Posted: 20/12/2021