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How can you help the Trust

The Trust was established as a charity to preserve angling oral and visual history, photographs and written material.

We are therefore keen to preserve audio visual material about anglers, their lives and times. However, much historical data is in letters, old photographs, diaries and most of this is taken for granted and thrown away in house moves, downsizes or house clearances and can never be retrieved.

So there are several ways that you can help our cause:-

A) We are seeking to preserve old photographs, diaries, letters and ephemera from anglers in history which, when brought together will help to illustrate the life and times of angling throughout different eras. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to preserve these. However, we appreciate that these may be family treasures that you wish to retain, and being able to borrow them, and with your permission scan and digitise them, (or receive photocopies or scanned images) will also ensure that they are preserved for future reference.

B) Donating old magazines, videos, DVD’s as they are excellent source material. We currently have a full set of Angler's World, Creel, Catch, Classic Angling and Fishing. We are now gathering a collection of Angling so if you think you can help, please contact us.

C) We are not seeking high value tackle items, but items with history and a story to tell would help present a more interesting vision for future generations.

D) The Trust would also be delighted to receive direct donations, or items which we can sell to raise funds for future projects.

We are not just interested in iconic angling figures. Although the recordings that we make into books of the famous figures in our Recollections series is our primary source of funds, we are interested in a broad spectrum, in figures as diverse as river keepers, netsmen, even poachers to give a balanced perspective.

Information about angling clubs is also a key source of information, when they were in existence, who founded them, are minutes still available for research, as much background information as you can remember. Angling clubs were the bedrock on which the sport grew through time, and plotting their existence will undoubtedly heighten our knowledge.

What do you get?

As with all charities, our funds are very limited, but we do have a log book into which every donation or loan is entered and also the item is listed on the website, so that your generosity in helping our cause is recorded for posterity. You will also help to ensure that a balanced view of angling is taken forward for future generations to study.