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To help preserve the history of the sport through interviews, Angling Heritage has commissioned a series of interviews with famous anglers under the title Recollections. These have been conducted by River Reads, the angling bookshop in Torrington, Devon. These interviews are being produced as books containing CD's of the interview, together with transcripts enabling the purchaser to read the text whilst listening to the CD's. They also include many photographs, some previously unseen, cartoons by the talented artist, Ted Andrews whose artwork enhances the humour of the discussions, together with biographical notes on each angler. The focus is not on the sizes of the fish they caught but on their early lives through to adulthood; the format enables the listener to absorb the spirit of each interviewee, together with their social context; so important in understanding the history of angling.

The special editions form part of a series with each volume being produced in the same format. Numbers of the books are strictly limited but to avoid any future disappointment by potential purchasers, consideration is being given to adding an encrypted 'Pay to listen' facility on the Angling Heritage website.

Heritage copies - are presented to the contributors of each interview, each volume bearing their initials.

Deluxe These volumes are printed on 150 gsm paper; are fully bound in high quality leather and presented in a quarter bound solander box. Each book is edged in antique gold, has a matching silk marker ribbon, head and tail bands and contains the hand-numbered CDs.

Quarter-bound The volumes are quarter-bound in high quality leather and are presented in a matching cloth slipcase. The specification is as above.

Cloth-bound These volumes are the same specification books as above but are bound in cloth and presented in a matching cloth slipcase.

Recollections I Fred Buller MBE and Fred J Taylor MBE

Who better could we start with than these two iconic anglers, both awarded MBE's for services to angling. This work is a joy to listen too, and sadly, Fred J passed away shortly after the interview which makes one realise how important this work is.

This was strictly limited to 50 copies; 4 Heritage copies (not for sale), 14 Deluxe copies, 14 Quarter-bound copies and 18 cloth-bound copies. This has SOLD OUT

Recollections II Barrie Rickards and Des Taylor

When we discussed the recording Barrie, probably the most famous predator angler of his generation, said he really wanted to be interviewed with an angler he had known over several years and for whom he had the utmost respect. Des Taylor was the angler he invited to take part in Recollections II. Des is nationally famous for his thought-provoking column written for many years for the Angling Times. Sadly, when recording this, Barrie knew he was terminally ill and to our great sadness, he died shortly after making the recording, once again showing how important it is to preserve the memories of anglers from all walks of life. They are of huge significance in fishing history.

Recollections II - Rickards and Taylor  SOLD OUT

Please note: excerpts of this recording are available on the 'Pay to Listen' feature of the Angling Heritage website but will not be available for download.

Recollections III Len Arbery & Bob Buteux

This was recorded at Bob's house in April 2010. We are really grateful to Bob's wife Margaret who put up with us all as the recording lasted all day. There was so much material that the editing was a mammoth task, but well worth the effort to preserve the life and times of two major figures in the world of angling. The price structure will be the same as that detailed above.

The recordings for the Recollections' series are produced by River Reads who donate ALL the nett proceeds from the sales of each work to the Trust.

Heritage copies Numbers I-V

Deluxe copies with an original artwork bound in £650  + P&P  SOLD OUT

Quarter-bound copies £325 + P&P SOLD OUT

Cloth copies in a slip case £125 + P&P SOLD OUT

There is a standard edition with CD's in plastic wallets inside the book £50 + P&P

If you would like one, please order through the River Reads website who are marketing the publication or call them on 01805 625888

Recollections IV John Goddard & Brian Clarke


This is the fourth in the series of Recollections and features two of the iconic game angers of our time.

John Goddard was best-known for his works on fly-fishing entomology (notably Trout Fly Recognition and Trout Flies of Still Water) and acquired an international reputation as a designer of trout flies. He was also well-known to coarse anglers as a designer and manufacturer of fishing tackle through his company, Efgeeco.

Brian Clarke is Angling Correspondent of The Times  and author, among others, of The Pursuit of Stillwater Trout, the first complete methodology for nymph fishing on lakes to appear in print. The two long-time friends will forever be linked for their collaboration in The Trout and the Fly, which Richard Walker described as “a great work…likely to prove the most important contribution to the literature of trout fishing this (the 20th) century”.

Recollections IV charts the lives of the two men from the excitements of their first fish as boys, through the experiences, relationships and influences which individually shaped them, to their status as angling giants today.

Recollections V Bob Church and Dave Steuart

The fifth instalment of the Recollections series features two household names. Bob Church, an all rounder who featured on ATV television catching tench etc before becoming on of the world's great stillwater fly fisherman, developing flies and tackle whilst also being part of the GB world champion fly fishing team.

Dave Steuart wrote hundreds of articles for magazines, one of the earliest carp fishing books entitles "How to catch them; Carp" and was also featured in earlier Recollections as one of the major influences of Barrie Rickards for his work on paternostering pike baits. The interview was conducted in Northampton by legendary barbel angler Pete Reading. What a trio of angling greats!!!

Once again the format will be the same as detailed above so if you would like to add another volume to the series, or even just hear these great figures of fishing, please contact River Reads to reserve your copy.