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Miss Ballantine and her Record SalmonThis picture of the record salmon is accompanied by a 4 page copy of Miss Ballantine's account of the capture in her own hand. Details

National Federation of Anglers 69th Annual Meeting 1974 - MinutesThese are the full minutes from the Annual Conference of the National Federation of Anglers held on 10th and 11th May 1974 in the Assembly Rooms in Bath (this big document takes a while to load) Details

Peter Stone letter 1972 29th FebruaryPeter Stone writes about barbel fishing in a flood Details

Peter Stone letter 1988 22nd FebruaryPeter Stone's letter to Bob Buteux Details

Peter Stone letter 1992 10th NovemberPeter Stone's letter to John Kelley (misspelled in the letter) Details

Peter Stone painted Christmas cardThis Christmas card was hand painted by Peter Stone Details

Proposed Wye River Board Area - 1948A Wye Board of Conservators proposal from 1948 Details

Ray Mumford Letter

 Ray Mumford writes about steel rods and barbel.


Reg Cooke artwork Details

Reg Righyni's "Sage Fly"Reg Righyni writes about a fly he has developed which he will make public - the Sage Fly Details

Reg Righyni's Grayling questReg Righyni was trying to catch as many grayling as he could from different waters. Here he writes to Graham Swanson about a trip that he helped organise, and an update of progress to date. Details

Richard Walker LettersThis page gives access to a host of Richard Walker letters on a variety of subjects. Details

Richard Walker's hand made reelThese are pictures of the reel Richard Walker made and gave to Jack Thorndike Details

Robert Pashley letter from 1951This letter is from the time of the Wye River Board. Details

Robert Pashley on modern nylon lineWe take it for granted now but it is interesting to read about Robert Pashley's 'The Wye Wizard' experience in the 1940's Details

Robert Pashley's notes on the salmon kypeThis transcript of a note by Pashley 'The Wye Wizard' discusses what happens to the kype on the male salmon in reply to articles published in 1946. (For current thinking, read 'Seasonal changes in the lower jaw skeleton in male atlantic salmon: remodelling and regression of the kype after spawning' by P Eckhard Witten and Brian K Hall Details

Robert Pashley's Wye salmon catch returnsRobert Pashley, 'The Wye Wizard' caught an unimaginable quantity of salmon in the 1940's, read this and be amazed. Details

Thames Water Authority - fishery byelawsThese are the famous Thames byelaws including the go'er sizes for fish that counted in matches. Undated, it was probably produced in the mid 1970's Details

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