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Clive Gammon's first fishing reel - 14/07/12

Donated by Keith Elliott

Clive Gammon was one of a group of iconic anglers who modernised sea fishing just as Walker and Taylor had done for coarse fishing a decade earlier, with the likes of Stoker, Moncrieff etc  If you picked up any angling magazine in the 1960's or 70's which contained a sea angling section you would find Clive's work.

He also was one of finest writers on fishing from these shores and you can't help but enjoy his titles such as "I Know a Good Place" and "A Tide of Fish".  He was recruited by Sports Illustrated, probably THE sports magazine in the States and was one of their major writers covering a range of sports. This allowed him to travel the world fishing and promoting new areas which had probably never seen anglers before.  He was the right man a the right time and contibuted greatly to the sport of angling.

This reel was Clive's first reel that he left to his friend, Keith Elliott, who generously thought its best home would be in the Angling Heritage archive.