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Exeter Angling Club - 09/09/15

These records show how the numbers fishing advanced immediately after World War II and the gradual change in coarse fishing to catch and release.

Season 48/49

Membership 1073 (1106 the previous year - a record)

Stock the Exeter ship canal with roach, tench and carp.

Increasing size limits were introduced to preserve fish stocks, with many fish being killed when caught.

These were

Dace 7”

Rudd 9”

Chub 12”

Bream 11”

Pike 20”

Tench 12”

Carp 16”

Roach 8”

Perch 9”

Gudgeon 4"

Season 49/50

170 rudd, 437 tench and 500 king carp were stocked in Exeter waters

Membership 1118 (record)

Best fish were:-

Roach 1lb 14.5oz

Bream 3lb 10oz

Pike 14lb 4oz

Perch 1lb 11oz

Eel 1lb 11oz

Season 50/51

Membership 1291

Best fish were:-

Pike 27lbs

Bream 3lb 1.5oz

Dace 9.25oz

Roach 1lb 13.5oz

Perch 2lb 8.5oz

Eel 1lb 6.5oz 


Season 51/52

Membership 1411


Season 52/53

Membership 1537

Best fish were:-

Bream 3lb 2oz

Dace 8.5oz

Roach 1lb 7oz

Perch 1lb 7.5oz

Eel 1lb 10oz

Season 53/54

Membership 1530

Best fish were:-

Roach 1lb 1oz

Bream 3lb 10.5oz

Dace 7.75oz

Eel 1lb 9oz

Perch 9.75oz

Season 54/55

600 roach and dace were transferred from the River Otter to the Tiverton canal.

Membership 1611 (1061 members more than in the record pre-war years)

Best fish were:-

Roach 1lb 8.25oz

Eel 2lb 8oz

Perch 1lb 10oz

Bream 3lb 1.25oz

Pike 15lb 9oz

Season 55/56

200 tench and 50 mirror carp were stocked into the Tiverton Canal, the carp on an experimental basis

Membership 1796

Best fish were:-

Tench 3lb 6.5oz

Roach 1lb 6.5oz

Dace 9oz

Pike 10lb 2oz

Perch 1lb 7.5oz