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Fred Buller's "Fish & Fishermen" - The Unused Photographs

Following Fred Buller’s death earlier in the year, Fred’s widow, Margaret donated a carryall full of photographs which were not used in his book “Fish& Fishermen; in medieval church wall paintings”

These have now all been digitised and there are 108 different churches photographed, many with exterior and interior photographs. However, the file amounts to 5.15GB so is too large to add to the archive for viewing on line so we have included this photograph of how it looks in the archive to give you some idea of the amount of work involved.

There were also a few loose photographs of five churches which we cannot identify and were wondering if you would be able to help us. If you recognise the churches, or even have an inkling where they may be, please let us know. It would be great to complete this work as a tribute to our Patron and friend.

                             This one was in a folder marked Kent but it isn’t certain


                                      This one appears to be made of Cotswold stone

We do need your help to conclude this exercise.