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Fred Buller's Investiture - 05/06/10

Following the investiture of Fred J Taylor MBE at the Judges' Lodgings in Aylesbury, Fred Buller, who'd enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by the Lord Lieutenant, Sir Aubrey Fletcher and his team, delighted that he would also like to receive his MBE in his home county. Awarded for services to angling literature in the New Year's Honours List, Fred became the third person in the county to receive his honour there. One other reason for choosing that location was that he could invite his family and friends to enjoy the celebrations, some thing that he wouldn't have been able to do had he chosen Buckingham Palace where attendees are restricted to three people.
So, on 17th May 2010 after weeks of dreary weather the sun shone warmly, and there were many smiling faces as the citation was read out by Roy Collins DL, followed by Sir Aubrey's humorous congratulatory speech. When Fred J received his award, Sir Aubrey managed to pin his white glove to Fred's jacket but not this time - he apologised to Fred B for removing his glove first, but he did have a little difficulty pinning the medal and remarked that Fred's suit was obviously of good quality to which Fred replied with a wry smile "You've noticed!".
Fred receives MBEThe whole event was relaxed and a great pleasure to attend, as the charming and recently appointed High Sheriff and other civil dignitaries mingled with guests who had travelled from around the country to enjoy this special occasion with one of angling's greatest ambassadors.
Richard Carr, Managing Director of Bucks TV filmed the ceremony, finally ending with an interview to camera. Anybody who knows Fred well will also know that he doesn't enjoy being filmed but we're at a loss to know why because he is an absolute natural, and the warmth and dignity shone even brighter than the sun sparkling on his newly awarded medal.
Anybody wishing to view the proceedings can do so by visiting the Bucks TV website, and accessing 'Sport' where you will also find the investiture of Fred J Taylor MBE. Bucks TV have released a DVD of the proceedings which can be obtained by contacting them.
MBE ceremonyFred is an outstanding man whose presence and contribution to the world of angling literature forms a cornerstone in angling history. He has been justly recognised for his lifetime's work and the delightful occasion didn't just end with the ceremony, because Fred's wife Margaret and daughter Ruth had utilised their organisation skills to the full by creating a wonderful atmosphere in which invited guests enjoyed the celebratory garden party that followed.
Two of the special guests at lunch were Ted Andrews the outstanding artist and cartoonist and his personable partner Margaret. Ted had produced a watercolour of two fish - salmo salar and esox lucius each wearing an MBE and a startled expression! That very amusing painting was passed around for each guest to sign as a memento of the occasion. Angling Heritage presented Fred with a framed print (11 of 11) of "See that he changes at Templecombe" again drawn by Ted Andrews for Recollections I, together with an original drawing of Fred's favourite fly, the Cascade.
Fred BullerAll in all, it was a 'Red Letter Day' for each person privileged to share this great occasion with Fred and Margaret. We also met some lovely people, Kay (from Chubbs) and her husband, Pat Walker and her son Robert, Elain Cressey, Margaret's remarkable old school friend, Margaret's son Martin and his daughter-in-law Cathy, and the very charming and vibrant Mr. & Mrs. 'J R Hartley'.Fascinating. Unfortunately there were other people we'd like to have met too but time flew away and before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was time to head back to our cosy accommodation at The Crown in Little Missenden.
We would like to put on record how glad we are that Sheila Armishaw (Keith's mother) wrote to Fred J when he left Saga Magazine. By embarking on this correspondence, we are able to meet and become friends with Fred J and also Fred and Margaret. This opened the door for the recording of Recollections I, and to the foundation of Angling Heritage of which Fred B is now the Patron. There is no doubt that angling has some great characters who deserve recognition for the outstanding contribution that they make to their sport. Long may we continue to enjoy their company.