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Brian Crawford on Eels

Recorded in 2013. As well as being a big Eel angler and author of two books on the subject of Eels and Eel fishing, Brian Crawford has also held a number of posts within both the National Angilla Club and the European Eel Angling Association, and is therefore very well placed to talk on all topics related to the subject. (2013)


Brian Harris Interview with Phill WilliamsBrian Harris is remembered as the editor  of "Angling " magazine in the 1960's through to the 1980's. Here he talks to Phill Williams about his career and people he met, and why his first love now is migratory fish. Details

Buller, Fred - Fred J Taylor Bench speechFollowing his death shortly after receiving his MBE, Angling Projects a charity that Fred J always supported decided to honour his memory, and that of his wifeCarrie by siting an engraved bench next to the lake at their HQ. Fred was proud to support their work of taking troubled teenager and getting them to look after themselves and learn how to fish accompanied by knowledgable anglers including Chris Tarrant etc This recording was of the unveiling undertaken by his long time friend, Fred Buller and Pat Walker. There is also an interesting anecdotes from keith Arthur including his novel twist on how deadbaiting was developed (even though Fred J had written about it 20 years earlier) but sit back and enjoy the tale. Please note before listening that the sound quality is VERY poor as it was directly under a flight path to Heathrow and adjacent to a railway line. It was also very windy and Fred Buller was struggling with a sore throat, so you have to listen hard to hear everything. (2008) Details

Carp Fishing Guiding in the Canaries with Dave BeechamPhill Williams who donated this podcast interviews Dave Beecham about carp fishing in the canaries, the venue and guiding there. (2011) Details

Catching 1000lb Fish in British Waters with Mick DuffIn June 2009 a 1000lb six-gilled shark was caught off Ireland. Here Phill Williams talks to Mick Duff about the possibility of realistically targetting 1000lb fish in Britain. (2011) Details

Catching the Salmanoid Grand SlamPhill Williams and Bob Fitchie discuss catching the salmonoid grand slam including the schelly, Britains rarest fish. (2012) Details

Charles Inniss Tells the History of the River TorridgeCharles Inniss who ran the Half Moon Inn in Sheepwash, one of the premier fishing hotels in Devon, talks about the salmon fishing fortunes on the River Torridge. (2012) Details

Chris Ball Reflects on his Fishing LifeChris Ball talks about his life and how he got into fishing, most notably for carp, with Phill Williams who donated this podcast. (2012) Details

Chris Clark - Shore Angling and BeyondChris Clark was arguably the world's best shore angler at the turn of the century until he had a farming accident. Here he talks to Phill Williams about how it effected his life (2015) Details

Chris Ogborne - Fly FishermanChris Ogborne, best known as a fly fishing champion talks to Phill Williams about his life and how he got into fly fishing representing England winning world titles and managing the team. However, he now lives in his beloved Cornwall and prefers light line fly fishing for sea fish. Recorded in 2014 Details

Clive Gammon Going FishingClive Gammon extols the improvements in fishing tackle in the 1960's. (1970) Details

Clive Gammon interviewed by Phill WilliamsPhill Williams conducts an one of the last interviews with Clive Gammon before his death (2011) Details

Coarse Angling Coaching with Carl McCormackOnce seen as something you might consider on say a foreign holiday, these days, more than ever before, the services of coarse angling coaches are being sought by youngsters, beginners, and people returning to fishing after a long break. Satisfying that demand are people like Carl McCormack, who besides helping his customers, has also coached his 12 year old son Callum to gold in the junior national championships. (2014) Details

Coast Line Study with Prof. Gerd MesselinkProf Gerd Messelink of Plymouth University about our coastlines, the pressures the experiences, both natural and from a growing population and designs for their protection. (2012) Details

Cod fishing in the Gantocks with Tony BridgeBig cod were caught regularly in the Clyde with the Gantocks being a prime venue.  Tony Bridge was a regular and related to Phill Williams about what the fishing was like then. (2012) Details

Competitive Fly Fishing with Ian GaskellIan Gaskell talks to Phill Williams about the cut and thrust of competitive fly fishing. (2012) Details

Conger Fishing with Roger BeerRoger Beer is the only man to capture a 50lb+ conger from the shore (56lb) and a 100lb+ (109.5lb) conger from a boat.  Roger talks to Phill Williams about how he achieved this and his tackle. (2012) Details

Danny Parkins on Lure Fishing for WrasseLight Rock Fishing (LRF) and Heavy Rock Fishing (HRF) are two lure based techniques which have really grabbed the shore fishing scene over recent times. HRF in particular for big Ballan Wrasse, which regular practitioner Danny Parkins talks about in great detail here. (2014) Details

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