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Dick Clegg, England's Most Successful Team ManagerDick Clegg is England's most successful team manager talks to Phill Williams about his life, world championship match fishing and his aspirations for the future. (2013) Details

Dick Farrer Recalls Commercial Cod Fishing Off IcelandThough no loger done, cod fishing off Iceland used to be very productive up to the cod wars of the 1970's.  Dick Farrer recalls his life as a distant water commercial fisherman from being a novice to a skipper, and the cod years. (2011)  Details

Didier Dellanoy - 2014 World Match Champion

Didier Dellanoy - Recorded in 2013. French 2013 world coarse fishing individual gold medal winner Didier Dellanoy offers his thoughts on his win, his behind the scenes preparation including practise here in the UK, and the current England set up during a stay with multiple world champions Alan and Sandra Scotthorne.


Dominic Garnett talks about his approach to anglingDominic Garnett, known for his column in Angling Times talks to keith Armishaw about how his love of the quirky and fly fishing for coarse fish came about. (2017) Details

Dr Mike Ladle on Science and Bass FishingBest known for his numerous articles on Bass following his work with the FBA, Dr Mike Ladle talks about his angling life and his scientific approach with Phill Williams. (2014) Details

Dr Paul Gaskell and the Trout in Town Project

Recorded in 2013. Why should urban and city centre streams and rivers be effluent channels or rubbish dumps, and why should potential fish habitat be deprived of that main ingredient in the recipe, the fish themselves. Here Dr. Paul Gaskell looks at an initiative he manages to bring fish back to city centre locations through the Trout In The Town Project.


Dr. Dietrich Burkel on Catching Scottish PorbeagleDr. Dietrich Burkel talks about targeting porbeagle sharks in Scotland and how he caught the first fish forty years ago when most people thought is impossible. (2013) Details

Dr. Ruth Thurstan on collating and analyzing commercial stock dataDr. Ruth Thurstan on collecting data about how commercial fisheries affects fish stock, and how data can be gleaned and gathered to make scientific analysis permitting management of fish stocks. (2013) Details

Dr. Stephen Atkins on Inshore Fisheries Conservation AuthorityDr. Stephen Atkins on why the Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority was necessary replacing existing bodies, and talk about current and future legislation likely to appear in sea fishing. (2013) Details

Eddie Mounce - Specimen Fishing in Thailand

Eddie Mounce - Recorded in 2014. Eddie Mounce set up Fish Thailand as a business while back packing after graduating from university with a degree in fisheries management. Here he talks about the wonderful fishing, the fisheries and the future of targeting some of the biggest freshwater fish in the world.


Eddie Weitzel - Essex Fishing and Comparisons with LancashireEddie Weitzel talks about his early years fishing in Essex including watching the development of uptide fishing, and compares it to his current home fishing in Lancashire. (2016) Details

Fish Farming with Rod TaylorRod taylor of the Environment Agency talks about fish farming, its development and the different approaches; flow through for salmonoids and recirculation for coarse fish, both of which have their pro's and con's. (2011) Details

Fisherman's Friends - The HistoryTony Lofthouse talks about how and why Fisherman's Friends were developed, and how the company has become one of the biggest employers in Fleetwood. (2012) Details

Fishing Around Pwllheli with Jason OwenCharter skipper Jason Owen talks to Phill Williams about the diverse fish species that can be caught around Pwllheli through the year. (2010) Details

Fishing Around Rhyl, Past and Present with Tony ParryRhyl was once famous for thornback rays and turbot, but whilst they have declined, smoothhound have increased.  Tony Parry talks about fishing from then to nowadays to Phill Williams. (2010) Details

Fishing Canals with John InmanJohn Inman has had a successful career match fishing on canals and explains how this happened and how to go about it. (2013) Details

Fishing Commercials with John InmanJohn Inman has changed from fishing canals to commercial match fishing. Here he explains what he sees as the advantages. (2013) Details

Fishing from Hartlepool aboard "Famous" with Dave LumleyDave Lumley talks to Phill Williams aboard "Famous" operating out of Hartlepool about the fishing in the North East and how it has changed. (2013) Details

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