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Abernathy Angling (Improvement) Association

After finding this ticket dated 21/5/86, the attached details are  of the waters then, and a link to the club as it is at the start of 2015.



Abernethy Angling Association

Abernethy Angling Association welcomes you to the Spey Valley, at the scenic heart of the Scottish Highlands. 

We invite you to enjoy our miles of exceptional salmon and sea trout fishing on the world famous River Spey, beneath the beautiful Cairngorm mountains

For the non-fishing members of the family, the area offers a wide range of sports facilities, visitor attractions and activites for everyone.            

We are happy to arrange or recommend accommodation from the wide range of hotels, guesthouses and B&B's in the area.      

This is our main stretch of water covering six miles of double bank fishing on the famous River Spey, with 15 named pools and the best Sea Trout fishing on the river system.          

In excess of 260 Sea Trout and 145 Salmon were taken from these waters in the 2008 Season, with the best Salmon weighing-in at 20lbs and the best Sea Trout at 7lbs.     

Fly, spinning and bait fishing are permitted, however, some pools become fly only in the summer months. A 9-10ft trout rod and waders should be used, with Ally Shrimp, Munro Killer, Silver Stoats Tail and Willie Gunn flies offering the best return.        

The season runs from February to September, with the best months for Salmon generally between mid-April to June and September. The best Sea Trout fly fishing is done during the short nights of June and July.      

The Abernethy Waters provide the best value for money fishing on the River Spey.        

Our Aviemore beat stretches for over four miles of single bank fishing on the River Spey in and around Aviemore. 29 Salmon and 55 Sea Trout were taken from these waters in the 2008 Season, with the best Salmon weighing-in at 14lbs and the best Sea Trout at 5lbs in weight.        

Fly, spinning and bait fishing are all permitted, with the long summer evenings ensuring that the fishing carries on late into the day.    

The best months for fishing this stretch of the river are usually between April and September.


Abernethy Angling Association                     





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