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Anglers' Conservation Association

Angling Conservation Association

Angling Conservation Association

Anglers' Conservation Association

In 2009 the ACA was merged with other angling organisations to become the Angling Trust

Anglers` Conservation Association Guarding against pollution and serving the interests of anglers

Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ   ContactNo contact nameTel01568 620447Fax01568 614236EmailWebsitewww.a-c-a.orgDoes this information

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Society, club or group


United Kingdom


A unique, non-profit making organisation that fights pollution and other damage to the water environment throughout the UK. Water pollution kills hundreds of thousands of fish each year, leaving a huge impact on aquatic wildlife and local economies, not to mention the enjoyment of all kinds of anglers. In addition, rivers and stillwaters face other threats such as water abstraction, escaped farmed fish, weirs and flood defence works. The ACA aims to stop this damage happening and fights for compensation for our members when it does.

Subject Expertise or Focus

Tourism and Recreation
Field sports, hunting & fishing
Access to the countryside
Soils & Water
Rivers and lakes
Wildlife and landscape management
Pollution control

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