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Morris Clarkson of Spintec Lures Talks About Lure ManufacturingMorris Clarkson made the Flying C in 1954 and has been manufacturing hand made lure ever since. Here he talks to Phill Williams about he he got into lure making, and about the development and production of such lures. (2012) Details

Nathan Lumb on Pole FishingNathan Lumb discusses pole fishing with Phill Williams about the use of the pole and the benefits over conventional tackle. (2011) Details

Neil Farnworth on CASTCAST North west is a Lancashire based charitable organisation set up and operated by Neil Farnworth with the aim of bringing dis-affected youngsters into education and training by using angling as a primary tool for grabbing their interest. (2014) Details

North West Boat Fishing with Phill WilliamsLancashire has a history of boat design and building to exploit the sea fishing which has historically been good, although the slip ways are not of the same standard. Phill Williams talks to George Hemsworth who was a significant figure in setting up three clubs. They took about the history of the clubs,  boat designs and makers, together with current club activity in the area. (2012) Details

Off the Shelf with Dave TaylorWith the writing on the fall for distant water trawling, the Whitefish Authority financed a number of experimental trawling trips along the edge of the continental slope looking for new fish species to eat. The last of those trips was made by the Fleetwood trawler 'Jacinta'. On that trip was Dave Taylor who talks about the experience. Details

One Species of Smoothhound?After years of regarding smoothhound as 2 species, common and starry research has at last been done by Dr. Ed Farrell in Ireland to give the definitive answer.  Here he talks to Phill Williams about the species, his research and his findings. (2011) Details

Paul (Woody) Woodward on his Hereford Tackle ShopPaul Woodward, known to everybody as Woody runs his "Woody's Angling Centre" in Hereford. Here he talks about why he set it up, its development, and how he manages to run a shop against mail order and the internet in 2013 when so many are closing. (2013)  Details

Paul Kilpatrick on WhitbyAfter a dip in fortunes during the late 1990's, offshore boat angling at Whitby is right up there again with the best. But tactically speaking, there is absolutely no resemblance to what went before. Gone are the jiggers and muppets replaced by shads, bait and uptide fishing, pioneered for the most part by 'Sea Otter 2' skipper Paul Kilpatrick. (2014) Details

Paul Maris on Fishing for Billfish

 Paul Maris, Billfish - Recorded in 2014. Part two of a two part interview with Essex Boy Paul Maris. This episode looks at the Essex Boys big fish exploits abroad, and in particular the Marlin World Cup and completing the Billfish royal slam.


Paul Maris Talks About Big UK Fish

Paul Maris, Big Fish UK - Recorded in 2014. Paul Maris, who is one of the Essex Boys, talks here about his big saltwater fish exploits in the UK, including the biggest ever one man one day Common Skate haul which saw him constantly playing big fish for well over 4 hours.


Peeler Crab Fishing with Mick DuffPeelr crabs are one of the top baits although it is seasonal.  Here Scottish international angler Mick Duff talks to Phill Williams about the bait, its life and how to best fish it. (2013) Details

Pete Shaw on the Growth of Kayak FishingSmall boat fishing in the North East has declined over the last few decades due to falling fish stock and changes in lifestyle.  however, Kayak fishing has bucked the trend and  is growing.  Pete Shaw talks about the sport, its benefits and safety. (2012) Details

Pete Thorman and Fishing for Great WhitesBig Fish angler Pete Thorman talks to Graeme Pullen about how he got into big fish and fishing for great white sharks. (2010) Details

Peter Arlott, Kennet River KeeperPeter Arlott talks about his life as a river keeper, the River Kennet and its problems. (2012) Details

Peter Bagnall talks about Tournament CastingPeter Bagnall talks about the development of tournament casting and characters he met along the way. (2017) Details

Peter Butler Talks About 2lb Roach and Giant RuddPeter Butler talks to Keith Armishaw about his fishing life and times.  Nationally famous throughout the 1960's and 70's for his massive Roach from London Reservoirs, the methods baits etc, and then how he developed specimen Rudd fishing in Ireland where he lead a party of anglers to try and break the then Irish record of 3lb 1oz. Peter took the best of the week at 2lb 15oz but a had host of 2lb fish. (2014) Details

Phill Williams - Can Fish Show Environmental ProblemsPhill Williams discusses a scientific project he has undertaken to explore if fish can show environmental problems at a sub-lethal level. (2011) Details

Phill Williams and Brian Douglas explore FenitPhill Williams and Brian Douglas explore Fenit off Ireland to publicise small boat fishing in the area for the Irish Tourist Board. This podcast was donated by Phill Williams (2011) Details

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