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Salmon on the Fly with Ally Gowans

Ally Gowans - Recorded in 2014. Ally Gowans is arguably the most inventive and skilled angler on the current Salmon fishing scene. His fly the Ally Shrimp was voted by Salmon anglers as the fly of the millenium. Here he discusses this and some of his other patterns, plus the fish weight calculator, conservation, fly fishing history, and of course Salmon fly fishing itself.


Sandra Scotthorne - Women's Multiple World ChampionSandra Scotthorne is a multiple winner of the individual and world match fishing championships and talks to Phill Williams. (2013) Details

Sarah Collins - Get Hooked on FishingGet Hooked on Fishing CEO Sarah Collins discusses the aims and successes of a charitable project designed to promote fishing to younger people, and in particular those with social problems. (2014) Details

Scottish Sea Anging ConservationTagging sea fish  has played a key role in consevation and has been taken on board by anglers for sharks and rays.  Without this information conservation bodies would not have been able to present sound scientific information. Stuart Cresswell & Willie Kennedy are tagging event organisers and talk to Phill Williams about the need and the current three venue projects. (2011) Details

Sea Fishig off Guernsey with Dougal LaneInitially the West country and particularly Plymouth pioneered wreck fishing, but over time and as the wrecks fished became farther afield Guernsey became an excellent centre for wreck fishing and bank fishing.  Here Dougal Lane recounts the growth in Guernsey fishing, both past and present with Phill Williams. (2012) Details

Sea Fishing from a Kayak with Jamie SoonsJamie Soons explains why he took to kayak fishing and how you should go about it. (2011) Details

Sea Fishing from Amble, Northumberland with Dave Builth and Rodney BurgeThe North Sea is now starting to improve as a fishery and fishing from an Offshore 105 out of Amble with past and present skippers Rodney Burge and Dave Builth, Phill Williams (the podcast donor) discusses how things have changed over the years and how new techniques help improve todays catches. (2011) Details

Sea Fishing in Salcombe with Chris RobertsGraeme Pullen interviews Chris Roberts about estuary, inshore and offshore fishing in Salcombe, Devon. (2010) Details

Shark Fishing with Andy GriffithAndy Griffith talks to Phill Williams about how he has developed a love of shark fishing, Blues and Porbeagle, and his capture of a Mako shark. (2013) Details

Shark on the Fly with Graeme PullenGraeme Pullen talks about catching blue sharks on the fly with Wayne Comben. (2013) Details

Sid Pender Talks About Changes in Cornish Sea AnglingSid Pender who has held most posts in the Mounts Bay Angling Club, talks about the history of the club and how fishing has changed in the West Country. (2012) Details

Simon Clarke on CatfishSimon Clarke of the Catfish Conservation Group talks to Phill Williams about fishing for catfish in the UK and overseas. (2012) Details

Skate Conservation with Dr. Dietrich BurkelDr. Dietrich Burkel started Skate Tagging many years ago, and although this was temporarily stopped, it has been re-established by the likes of Ian Burritt. Phill Williams talks to both about a boat off Crinan. (2013) Details

Solent Plaice with Wayne CombenPlaice is a favourite of many sea anglers. Here Wayne Comben talks to Phill Williams about plaice fishing in the Eastern White area of the Solent. (2010) Details

Stalking Fish with Graeme PullenStalking started with trout but has broadened to other species.  Graeme Pullen explains his techniques to Phill Williams. (2010)  Details

Stephen Lamont Talks about Cross Discipline Lure FishingStephen Lamont talks to Phill Williams about lure fishing development and how anglers now cross disciplines from coarse to sea fishing, unheard of not many years ago (2016) Details

Steve Mills on Thresher SharkPhill Wiiliams talks to international sea match angler Steve Mills about fishing for thresher shark; he is the current record holder. (2017) Details

Steve Quinn - England Sea Angler - Legends He MetSteve Quinn, now a sea fisherman, talks about his early days when he started out coarse fishing, competing against Ivan Marks, Kevin and Benny Ashurst, Ian Heaps. Here he talks about the characters he met to Phill Williams. (2012) Details

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