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Steve Quinn, England Boat Fishing InternationalSteve Quinn talks to Phill Williams about why he took to sea fishing, especially boats and his desire and commitment, both in time and money, to become an England International. (2012) Details

Steve SouterSteve Souter has had, and continues to have, a glittering international career fishing for Scotland where he has won, often on multiple occasions, all that has been put in front of him. But being so successful is no accident, as he explains, along with his thoughts on a range of other topics. (2014) Details

Stuart McCoy, the Last Barrow Charter SkipperNowadays, there is no longer any charter skippers working in Barrow due to the arrival of wind farms.  Stuart McCoy explains to Phill Williams how they were forced out of business. (2011) Details

Surface Fishing for Carp with Chris BallChris Ball, a specialist carp angler, talks about the thrill of surface fishing for carp. (2012) Details

Tammy Fisher Women's Offshore Boat FishingBradcaster fishing, where Tammy fisher is a boat fishing skipper. She talks to Phill Williams about how she got into boat fishing. (2011) Details

Taylor, Fred J - Anecdotes for RecollectionsFred J Taylor and Fred Buller were recorded for the production of Recollections, the first of a series of books for Angling Heritage. After the recording, Fred J remembered some more tales that he would like included. Because the sound quality was that of his home tape recorder, this wasn’t added onto the CD’s included in the book, although the tales were included in the text. We thought you would like to hear Fred J telling his lovely stories. (2007) Details

Terry Moseley on the Development of Disabled AnglingDisabled in a sports accident while serving with the parachute regiment, Terry Moseley has almost singled handedly dragged the provision of access for disabled anglers kicking and screaming into the 21st century. He's also won his share of national and international medals in the process. (2014) Details

The Blackpool Angling Tragedy with Mick RileyOn 7th January 1988 on a day forecast as being perfect for fishing, anglers went out from Blackpool cod fishing. However, the weather changed and three friends who went out cod fishing didn't make it back. Mick Riley, the sole survivor of that group tells the harrowing tale of the day. (2009) Details

The Cod Wars with Les HallLes Hall recounts the cod wars of the 1970's and the Icelandic effort to protect the cod in waters which were regarded as international. Les Hall was there and relates the events with Phill Williams. (2012) Details

The History of Carp Fishing with Chris BallChris Ball, the world renowned expert on carp fishing, talks to Phill Williams (who donated this podcast) about the history of the sport. (2012) Details

The Wye and Usk Foundation with Stephen Marsh-SmithStephen Marsh-Smith, one of the founders of the Wye and Usk Foundation talks in 2013 about the problems the Wye was facing when the organisation founded, the work done to date and improvements seen in the last year, and work still to do. (2013) Details

Tim Macpherson on Kingmere BreamBlack Bream and their habitat along the iconic Kingmere Rocks in Sussex are currently under so much threat that a capaign group has been set up to try to reverse the trend before all is lost. Instrumental within that group is Tim Macpherson who joins us here to explain the problem, and how both it and the potential remedies could have profound knock on consequences for other ailing fisheries around the UK. (2014) Details

Tommy Flower on Modern Carp FishingTommy Flower talks to Phill Williams about the younger generations perspective of carp fishing to compliment the older generations view available on the site. Recorded in 2014 Details

Tony Kirrage - Angling Trends and TackleTony Kirrage of Tony's Tackle of Eastbourne talks to Phill Williams about his life in angling, his ownership of the shop and trends in angling that he has seen and also driven on occasions. (2014) Details

Tunny Fishing in the UK with Bill PashbyIn the 1930's Britain became the centre of interest for catching giant bluefin tuna, setting the world record.  Bill Pashby worked through those years and tells the history to Phill Williams who donated this podcast. (2010)  Details

Warren Harrison - His capture of two 90lb carpWarren Harrison, specialist carp angler talks to Phill Williams bout his recent trip to Hungary (Sept 2014) where amongst a massive haul, caught two carp of over 90 lbs. (2014) Details

Wayne Comben on Sharks and his Thresher Shark CaptureWayne Comben is one of the most successful shark fishermen in the UK catching big fish of all species, and also about his recent thresher shark capture. (2013) Details

Wayne Thomas on Mullet FishingPhill Williams talks to North Devon angler and journalist Wayne Thomas about fishing for one of the UK's most sporting sea fish - the mullet (2017) Details

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