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Phill Williams Recalls the Jumbo Cod Years of the Fylde CoastPhill Williams recalls the heyday of cod fishing off the Fylde coast as one of the few people who experienced the start, peak and demise of the sport. (2010) Details

Phill Williams Talks about his Fishing LifePhill Williams who has done so many podcasts for Angling Heritage talks about his life and his fishing. (2013)  Details

Pike Fishing in Cumbria with Eric HopeEric Hope gives Phill Williams advice on pike fishing in the big waters of Cumbria such as Windermere. (2011) Details

Porbeagle Sharks in North CornwallPorbeagles reach their maximum size in UK waters and are regularly caught in Cornish waters.  Graeme Pullen talks to Phill Williams about the history of shark fishing there and the techniques used. (2012)  Details

Prof. Mark Everard on RoachProf. Mark Everard, international fishery scientist talks about fishing and his love for roach. (2013) Details

Ray Webb, Tales and TributesThis tribute is produced from "Tales of Ray Webb", a recording made by Colin Brett recording Richard Reynolds, (brother of Hugh who was one of the founders of the Pike Anglers Club along with Bill Chillingworth and Barrie Rickards). He was one of the few people around who was a friend and fished with Ray. The first voice you will hear is Barrie Rickards taken from Recollections II, a recording he made with Des Taylor. They show not only what a character he was, but also how good an angler he was, and how much he is missed by his friends. Details

Rays with Wayne CombenThe Thornback ray is making a comeback due to changes in legislation. Wayne Comben is a ray fishing enthusiast and explains why he enjoys fishing for them in the Solent. (2012) Details

Recollections I - Fred Buller's and Fred J Taylor's talesWe thought you might like to hear some of sound clips made when recording Recollections I with Fred Buller and Fred J Taylor. (2006) Details

Recollections II - Sound clip Barrie Rickards and Des TaylorThis soud clip is taken from the recording that Des Taylor did with Barrie Rickards for Angling Heritage. The full transcript is included in the book Recollections II available through Angling Heritage or River Reads. Please see our publications for details. (2009) Details

Richard Pierce on Sharks ConservationRoger Pierce talks about how sharks can be conserved, and how vulnerable they are, all starting with his childhood obsession. (2013) Details

Richard Walker interview about rodsThis previously unpublicised interview with Richard Walker concerns the manufacture of split cane rods. The recording quality is very poor as it was recorded on a mini cassette over the telephone and is part of the dialogue, both written and audio between Graham Swanson and Walker as he seeks to learn more about cane rods. We hope the quality doesn't spoil your enjoyment but the content is really fascinating. Details

River Wye Gillie and Bailiff George WoodwardGeorge Woodward, one of the Wye characters, talks in 2013 about his life and Times, setting up the Gillies Association, and becoming a part time bailiff and how poaching was addressed. (2013) Details

Robin Vinnicombe on Mako's SharksRobin Vinnicombe talks to Phill Williams about the mako shark fishing. He and his brother Frank caught around 30% of all mako sharks caught in British waters. Here he talks about how it started off and secrets he learnt. (2012) Details

Roger Beer Talks About Catching Rays from the ShoreRoger Beer, famous around the Westcountry, talks about how to catch rays when fishing from the shore. (2013) Details

Ron Greer on Ferox TroutRon Greer, fisherman and author, on fishing for ferox trout. These trout are brown trout that have become carniverous and grow much larger than the standard brown trout. (2010) Details

Ronnie Campbell Fishing Loch EtiveRonnie Campbell fishes the sea loch (fjord) of Loch Etive. It special environment having falls on either tide and, along with a freshwater influx creates a unique environment. Here he talks to Phill Williams about charter fishing there. (2011) Details

Ross Johnson Talks about his Massive Shore Caught SkateRoss Johnson talks to Phill Williams about shore fishing for skate and his capture of a 175 lb fish. (2016) Details

Salmon Netting with Harry WhitesideHarry Whiteside discusses salmon netting over many decades with Phill Williams. (2012) Details

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